The Bullet Journal: Why it Works so Well


Systems—they’re all around us. They are even inside us. Without them, life would be in shambles, wouldn’t it? Since humans knew how to write, encoding and decoding systems have gone through many face lifts. Diaries, journals, stone tablets—we’ve all used them, but admit it—you hated the unwritten rule of writing on it daily. What if you knew a system that forgives you for that kind of mistake? Read on to find out about the Bullet Journal® system so that Fabriano dotted notebook of yours will be finally put to good use.


The Bullet Journal®: who, what, and how?

For starters, the Bullet Journal® is system is one of the acclaimed “analog productivity systems” used by those who are more comfortable with writing on a Fabriano notebook than typing. You can write calendars, to-do lists, grocery lists, and even brainstorming ideas.

How did it start? Like many others, Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer and the founder of Bullet Journal®, was tired of unforgiving traditional journaling systems who seem to take more time and enforce adherence to its rules, with no excuses for mistakes. So when he discovered and developed the Bullet Journal® system, from time to time he engaged others with its practicality and malleability.

The Bullet Journal® is also described by as the “analog system for the digital age”. Why? It’s because many of the users are those who are overwhelmed with all the convoluted availability of digital productivity apps today. The Bullet Journal’s® system is a friendly method they could jot down any minute on their Bullet Journal or their Fabriano dotted notebook. So you could say that many people still prefer the straightforwardness and simplicity of writing by hand.

However, for those who still prefer the digital way, the Bullet Journal® also has smartphone apps, the Bullet Journal Companion and the Bullet Journal Library, which you can download on your iPhone. From project managers, makeup gurus to tech employees, busy bees are hooked with the Bullet Journal®.

Why does it work so well?

You can argue that like traditional journaling, you will still take some time in writing in a Bullet Journal. However, you can never argue against the fact that it’s more productive and it’s faster.

The secret behind why the Bullet Journal works is its rapid logging. Traditional journaling takes more time and is more complex. With rapid logging, there’s no need to exert more effort and distract yourself from the tasks that you need to prioritise. With parts that include an Index, Monthly logs, Weekly Logs, and Daily logs, it keeps all your scattered thoughts in a single area. See more here Notedian

That’s why it’s also effective as a planner—because who says planner users always need to follow what’s been planned regardless of the changes that randomly arise, right? Compared to a pre-fabricated planner, the Bullet Journal makes organising a breeze.

The Bullet Journal’s flexibility, showing through its blank pages, gives you another freedom and autonomy; while its adaptability, showing through daily tasks, gives way for the spontaneity of life.

Get creative—mix, cut, and match

Lastly, the obvious perk of writing on a Bullet Journal is you can get creative! You can buy a fountain pen friendly notebook and Stabilo art supplies, doodle with a Noodler’s Ink and you’re good to go. No one will judge you because remember, it’s a forgiving system that bends to whatever works for you. Click here