Opportunities to Volunteer in the Philippines

There has been increased focus on world peace in the global space. This has been evidenced by the various initiatives that have been started by several nations to intervene on cross-border peace initiatives and cooperation in trying to combat terrorism and dictatorial regimes. There are also other initiatives that are directed at ending poverty and world hunger. While some of these initiatives have been pioneered and are funded by foreign governments and supranational organizations like the United Nations, many of them have been started by individuals and organizations that have philanthropic intentions and rely extensively on volunteers to carry out their activities. Involvement Volunteers International has been one of the most active organizations offering great volunteer Philippines opportunities.

volunteer Philippines

Philippines is one of the countries in the South East Asia ravaged by a lot of poverty. It doesn’t help the situation that the country is prone to natural disaster like hurricanes, Tsunamis, and typhoons. Involvement volunteers International has been running volunteering programs in Philippines as part of its volunteering abroad programs. The organization relies on young people that have a desire to contribute to world peace to join their volunteer abroad programs and agree to be sent to countries like the Philippines. In return, Involvement volunteers International ensures that the volunteers are provided with a place to stay and food is provided as well.

The organization connects you to several volunteer abroad programs and welcomes everybody who is above the age of 16 years to join its programs. The organization ensures that there is minimal red tape when admitting new volunteers and the processing fees are kept pretty low. This is in order not to lock out individuals who have altruistic intentions but have not had an opportunity to help.

There are several ways in which one can participate in these programs. There is a teach English program that aims to equip local kids with English literacy skills. Many people are quite capable to engaging in this program because it does not require any specialized skills. The organization encourages people with teaching experience or that possesses TOEFL qualification to participate in this program.

Other volunteer Philippines programs include the children drug rehabilitation program where children that have a history of drug abuse are taken through a rehabilitation program to end the drug addiction. There are also programs that require hospital internships, especially for those people that have a medical background including medical students that are seeking practical medical experience. Street and dumpsite programs together with orphanage work also provide opportunities for counseling sessions. People that have a counseling background are encouraged to apply for these volunteer Philippinesprograms as they are best equipped to hand these kids.

Following the devastating effect of typhoon Yolanda, many people had their homes damaged. Involvement volunteers International has been involved in rebuilding the homes of these people. Cognizant of the dire need for food and medical services, the organization runs nutritional public health programs as well as community medical centre programs. These programs help the Filipino people to obtain free health care services.