Top Reasons To Get Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Life for the wheelchair-bound is much easier now than it was decades ago. Modern technology and awareness towards disability has allowed for the creation of contraptions and devices that enable you to live life normally. For those who are wheelchair-bound permanently or for the long term, finding a wheelchair vehicle for sale can make your life easier tenfold.

For the uninitiated, wheelchair access vehicles are just like ordinary vehicles, but have features that cater specifically to people on wheelchairs. This includes ramps to promote easier entry, transfer seats that swivel and move, and locks to keep the wheelchair securely in place while the vehicle is in motion. If you’re still having second thoughts, here are some reasons why you should invest in wheelchair access cars.

  • Convenience – if your loved one is wheelchair-bound, trips might become a huge inconvenience to you. You have to escort your loved one on and off the vehicle, and ensure that they are safe and secure throughout the entire trip. However, with wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), there is less hassle and fuss. Now your loved one can even accompany you to short errands easily.
  • Independence – If the wheelchair accessible car offers caretakers more convenience, it also offers independence for the wheelchair-bound person as well. Too often, people with disability often feel helpless and frustrated that they cannot handle simple day-to-day tasks. With a WAV, they require less management and supervision, and they gain a bit more control.
  • Comfort – Most families convert their ordinary vehicle into a wheelchair accessible vehicle by simply taking one seat out to make room for a wheelchair. This is still very inconvenient because not only will you have to haul the wheelchair back and forth, traveling via wheelchair is not very comfortable. Throughout the entire ride, if there are no locks to hold the wheelchair in place, it can rock, swerve and tilt, making it an unpleasant experience for the user.
  • Affordability – People often hesitate when they see a wheelchair vehicle for sale because of the price. True, it may cost more than the usual vehicle because of the additional features. However, most WAVs can be paid through a motability car or van scheme. Using your motability allowance, you can pay for the WAV slowly but surely.
  • Style – Because of modern technology, it is now possible for a vehicle to be wheelchair friendly and stylish at the same time. You are probably familiar with the latest wheelchair designs that look very modern and slick. Wheelchair access vehicles are no different, and you can choose from a variety of models and brands.
  • Functionality – Style is not the only thing people think about when they buy cars; functionality plays a big role as well. If you have a big family, you may want a Ford Tourneo Connect or a Volkswagen Caddy Maxi.

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Why Stay At Encore Resort and Tower

Aptly named as the Sin City, Las Vegas is truly an exciting and vibrant destination that has served as a host to a great number of memorable events in modern culture. As a major hub for culture and entertainment, it has become a favorite strip to many famous people and celebrities. For the most part, people travel to Las Vegas to enjoy its pulsating nightlife scene as well as its world-class casinos. As a popular tourist hub, Las Vegas has become a host to a number of renowned and majestic hotels. One of the finest and most distinguished hotels in Sin City was the Desert Inn Las Vegas. From 1960 to 2000, this classy casino and hotel has been featured in many television shows and Hollywood films, such as Rush Hour 2 and Sister Act 2. Aside from its world-class casino, exquisite setting and top-notch service, Desert Inn Las Vegas was also known for its Crystal Showroom, a cultural and entertainment center that has features a lot of legendary performers and singers like Dean Martin, Cher, Tina Turner and Frank Sinatra.
Desert Inn Las Vegas
Desert Inn Las Vegas
Despite the hotel’s success, the management behind Desert Inn Las Vegas decided to close her doors forever in 2000. A year later, the hotel’s Augusta Tower was imploded to make room for a new mega resort. After years of construction, the new mega resort finally opened its door in 2008 operating under the name of Encore Resort And Tower. Desert Inn’s legacy has taken a new form with the Encore Resort and Tower.  Guest of this new top-notch hotel will truly relive the luxury and elegance of Desert Inn with its 61-floor building standing high above the skies of Sin City. With Encore Resort and Tower, guests get to enjoy cozy and exquisite accommodations and top-notch hotel services. Furthermore, they can enjoy the hotel’s innumerable luxurious amenities. At the Encore Resort and Tower, guests can choose to stay in a Resort Suite or Panoramic Suite. In a Resort suite or Panoramic suite, you get to stay in a 745 square-foot room with a king or a couple of queen beds. In addition, it boasts a plethora of amenities iPhone docks, a cordless phone and a high-speed internet connection. It has a bathroom with a tub and shower designed separately. Guests of the resort can enjoy the same luxurious experience at the resort’s Encore Tower Suites. Guests of these suites can choose from Salon, Parlor or Tower King Suites and the three-bedroom duplex or the two-bedroom apartment. To provide the highest levels of comfort to their guests, Encore Resort and Tower equipped these rooms with high-speed internet access and advanced privacy controls. On top of that, the hotel offers maid service, complimentary breakfast and limo services for people looking for a mode of transportation in Las Vegas. The hotel features a casino that has been considered one of the top Las Vegas Casinos. Their casino has a great number of machines, including 21, video poker, slots and many more. Aside from the casino, the hotel also offers other modes of leisure, including a golf facility. Check out their website at

Claremont Hotel Singapore; Luxurious Vacations In A Convenient Way

Singapore is a very popular country to many travelers. It is after all, one of the premier countries in Asia today when it comes to tourism. Many visit this country to experience the mystical Asian culture. Throughout the years though, Singapore has definitely given people all over the world even more reasons to visit it because of its progress as a country.

Claremont Hotel Singapore Claremont Hotel Singapore

One of the many things that make Singapore really popular to travellers these days is the way it allows them to experience the Asian culture, and do so without sacrificing comfort and luxury. Thousands of travellers want to experience the world, but they want to do this without losing the amenities that make their life more comfortable.

What Makes The Claremont Hotel In Singapore Stand Out Amongst Travellers?

The Claremont Hotel Singapore stands out because of many reasons, and one of them is the staff’s strong dedication to their guests. This hotel does whatever it can to allow their guests to enjoy what Singapore has to offer and do so in a luxurious and convenient manner. It is one of the premier hotels in Singapore today that ensures each of their guests is able to have the vacation they expect.

Some Of The Services Claremont Hotel Singapore Has To Offer:

Cosy Superior Single, Deluxe Double, Deluxe Triple and Deluxe Family Rooms

Secure Key Card System for all the rooms in the hotel

Laundry services

24-Hour Money Changer

Affordable Internet Access

Amazing Accessibility For People Who Love To Travel

The very location of the Claremont Hotel also allows its guests to quickly access the many prestigious shopping malls in the Singapore’s shopping district. Many travelers these days want to travel in a luxurious manner, and this hotel definitely helps them meet that. Additionally, the shopping district of Singapore is also home to many classy restaurants. If you are someone who believes food is one of the best ways to understand the culture of any country, you’ll have convenient access to facilitate such an experience with the Claremont Hotel.

For those individuals who want to hop around the city, Claremont Singapore can help facilitate transportation for their guests. If you happen to be someone who wants to take care of your transportation yourself, then it is good for you to know that the hotel is ideally situated near Singapore’s MRT station. This means a short walk is all you need to access the trains and start hitting the city’s many exciting tourist attractions. Some examples of the places you will be able to conveniently visit by staying at the Claremont Hotel Singapore are:

Sentosa Island

Singapore Botanical Gardens

The Orchard Road

Sim Lim Square

Funan Center

Mustafa Center

The Hotel You Can Rely On To Energize You During Your Vacation

At the end of the day, any traveler would want to come back to a hotel that can re-energize them for next day’s activities. The Claremont Hotel in Singapore does exactly that, and it is one of the many reasons why thousands of tourists choose to stay there. If you are looking to get the most out of your vacation in Singapore, then this is one of the best choices you have when it comes to hotels that provide a good balance between luxury, comfort, convenience, and accommodation rates.

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Benefits of Staying at Sydney CBD Hotels

When you visit Sydney, it is upon you to choose where you stay. However, you should know that where you choose to get your accommodation would greatly influence your holiday or business trip adventure. Staying at the Sydney CBD hotels is one way to maximize the benefits of your stay in the city. Although there are many hotels where you can get accommodation, the hotels located within Sydney CBD will provide you with everything you need within your reach. Sydney is one of the greatest cities of the world, and staying right within its heart can give you a deeper knowledge and experience of its life—both during the day and at night.

Sydney CBD hotels
Sydney CBD hotels

With some of the most magnificent tourist attractions of the world, Sydney attracts many visitors from various parts of the world. When you stay at one of the Sydney CBD hotels, you are more likely to have a better experience of the city and its features than staying at other hotels in the outskirts. With everything within your reach, you can have easy access to various shopping malls, restaurants, art centers and other features within the city’s CBD. In terms of accommodation, you have various hotels to choose from, based on how much you are willing to spend.

Some of the hotels that are located right within Sydney’s CBD include Metro Hotel on Pitt, Fraser Suites Sydney, and Park Regis City Center, among others. These facilities are equipped with modern boarding facilities and amenities that simply make your life within the city quite enjoyable. With various categories of rooms, you can choose which room you want to sleep as you enjoy an aerial view of the city. In its 3-kilometer stretch from the southern part to the northern part, you can view the city in all directions from an aerial view, which is why many visitors prefer staying at the Sydney CBD hotels.

Many attractive features of Sydney city, which draw many people to the city, are within your reach when you stay at one of the hotels located within the CBD. Apart from the mighty skyscrapers, you can get closer to the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Circular Quay and Hyde Park, among others. If you are leisure oriented chap, you can step out and stroll on the clear-water beaches, as you do sunbathing on the white sands. It is truly a wonderful experience to stay right within the city, getting closer to some of its institutions and departmental headquarters.

Although many visitors tend to think that staying outside the city can give them a fulfilling holiday or business trip, this may be different when you visit Sydney. Staying right within Sydney’s CBD can give you the best experience you have ever had during your visit to the city. When you make your next visit to Sydney, you can consider booking one of the hotels located within its CBD. This will give you an opportunity like no other, to have the whole city within your reach to explore and enjoy as much as you want.

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The National Hotel: The Historic Beach-front Hotel

The National Hotel Miami is truly in a class of its own. This cool oasis in the hot sun-scorched south beach is definitely a unique and serene accommodation for both business and leisure trips in Miami. The Miami National Hotel is on the verge of greatness after it completes the ambitious mega-renovations that are currently in their final stages. The eleven storied hotel was built way back in 1939 thus making it a historic beach-front hotel. The hotel offers top notch services -with a smile- and has great onsite facilities.The splendor of the Miami National Hotel is about to be rejuvenated like a phoenix from ashes after all the upgrading, patching-up and modernizing of the hotel is through.

national hotel miami national hotel miami

The historic suites and rooms offered

There are a total of 151 rooms and suites offered by the hotel. The hotel offers a large array of tasteful guest suites and rooms that fall into two general classes:

The Tower rooms – these are housed in the 11-storey main building. They have a partial ocean view and a partial city view.

The Cabana rooms – these are housed in a four-storey building. They have been built with an awesome balcony that overlooks an award-winning two hundred and fifty foot long infinity pool. They also offer a partial view of the ocean. After this section was entirely renovated in the year 2010, it had new features of enlarged marble bathroom and a tasteful light decor on the new furnishings.
All the rooms have a soothing ambiance that is bound to make you feel cosy and relaxed. The bathroom in the rooms have clean branded bathrobes, slippers and free complimentary toiletries.

The hotel’s facilities and location

The historic beach-front hotel is a few minutes’ drive from the international airport of Miami. It has its own private beach that is serene, secluded and classy. It is a walking distance from the ocean drive, the Lincoln Road Mall and the Convention Center. It is located on one of Miami’s top attractions, south beach. Miami is famous for its gorgeous sun-kissed beaches that offer many activities such as water skiing, surfing, swimming or just lounging on the beach basking in the beautifully warm Miami weather. The National Hotel Miami has an award-winning mega-pool that is 250 feet lengthwise, ranked under the top 10 swimming pools in the USA.

National Hotel Miami has fully equipped health club facilities. It has two outdoor swimming pools too. The services at the front desk are available 24 hours. It has a modern Business Center with a couple of large conference rooms and also small meeting rooms. The pool and the beach have comfortable and stylish pool/beach chairs and umbrellas. The hotel houses a four-star restaurant that serves delicious cuisines that will really blow your mind. The services offered by the staff are impeccable and the hotel maintains a cool and quite ambiance despite the fact that it is close to two party hotels. The rooms have free Wi-Fi and a surcharged high speed wired internet access. The hotel also hosts weddings and this is ideal since a beach wedding is definitely every girl’s dream wedding.

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One of the Best in Singapore: Hotel Fort Canning Singapore

Singapore is one of the best countries that you should try to visit when you have time. It is a place where you can have the best quality service, accommodation, and travel experience any tourist could enjoy. This country also has the best hotels in the globe which could give you the most exquisite comfort and utmost luxury, not to mention that it is the safest place to stay for backpackers and commuters. There is one particular hotel that is highly suggested by any tourist who has stayed in the country and it is known for the great services and rooms they provide. This hotel is the Hotel Fort Canning Singapore.

Hotel Fort Canning Singapore

A brief description of the hotel

Hotel Fort Canning Singapore is a hotel that dates back to the early 20th century. It is a wonder to behold. It has a grade of a five-star luxury hotel which gives you the best of comfort and satisfaction as guests. It is located at the center of the city and it offers a plethora of services you would want to try out like the clean and luxurious accommodations and dining services which are arranged in a very careful way to ensure maximum comfort, convenience, not to mention an exquisite touch of elegance.

Services to take advantage of

Fort Canning Singapore has tons of services you would want to try out for your own and it will be enough reason why stay here at this great hotel. The place has a wide variety of rooms with the best accommodation facilities and amenities for any kind of guests. First, there are the Deluxe rooms where you can see the stunning view of the city skyline and the park. You can find great furniture and other items that could give you the best comfort. Next is the Deluxe garden rooms which are first floor rooms that have French doors opening to the sun deck and a private garden. These are best for people who are green thumbs. There are also the premium rooms which are best for business travelers and they are equipped with separate meeting areas for any corporate meet-ups. You can also indulge in the luxurious Premium Luxe rooms that come in bigger sizes than the first. Also available is the Studio Suite, which is best for both families and business executives; this comes with an extra bedroom and a meeting area. Lastly, there are the Suites which measure 94 square meters, designed with essential functional spaces such as a living room and meeting room.


While you are at the Hotel Fort Canning Singapore, you should know at least one transportation in Singapore so you can go around the city, simply to have fun. There are 3 types of transportation you can try out which are the Mass Rapid Transit or the MRT, the major mode of transport in the country; another is the Hop-on Buses and Cable cars if you want to enjoy sightseeing with a guide; and last are the Taxis and Rental Cars if you want to be on your own.

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